Clinical Psychologist

Welcome to my website. I am Ana Moreno, clinical psychologist, and I offer my services in my private practice in Seville city center, in front of Torre del Oro.

My aim is to treat mental health conditions or psychological difficulties of those who are experiencing distress or suffering of any kind. The difficulties I am most consulted for are depression, anxiety, relationship problems, grieving over a lost, trauma, fobia and difficulties in children education between others.

I offer an specialized service using therapeutic skills and technical competences adquired along the four year clinical psychologist training (trainee clinical psychologist, in spanish “psicólogo interno residente- P.I.R.”) National Health System and across my professional experience. Moreover, I took my degree at Birbeck College, University of London. This has given me an international approach as I have been in contact with many cultures and nationalities.

The main areas where I develop my work are individual psychotherapy for adults, adolescents and children. This psychotherapy takes place either in an individual setting in my private practice, or through workshops where we train various psychological skills and coping resources in small groups.

As the main values that I emphasize in the development of my work are commitment, ethic and a proffesional excellence approach, using therapeutic techniques which have empirical support as the first choice for any given disorder or sympton, and the most effective according to clinical guidelines.

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Adult psychotherapy

Chica cruzando un puente
Adults are nowadays in a very demanding society that requires many psychological resources. The growing stress and competitiveness produces mental health disorders (anxiety, depression) and psychological difficulties.

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Adolescent psychotherapy

Psicoterapia Adolescentes
Adolescence is considered a developmental stage where lots of physical, emotional and psychological changes between others, take place. A search for identity and a place within society which will lead to adulthood.

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Children psychotherapy

Psicoterapia Niños
In recent years children behaviour problems have rised considerably. Disobedience, temper tantrums, lies or aggressions that appear early on childhood and increase their frequency if we do not deal with them properly.

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