About me

Since I can remember, I have always been interested about the complexity of human being and Psychology. I chose my profession from the most true vocation. I feel passionate about my job and the learning process it means stimulates me and keeps me in constant development.

Having grown up in Málaga, I travelled to United Kingdom in my early twenties looking for new experiences. After a year and a half of living and working in London, I decided to take a degree in Psychology at Birkbeck College, University of London, where I graduated in Bsc Psychology with honors (2.1). I came back to Spain with the fix aim to become a clinical psychologist and I moved to Madrid. Only after few years of dedication and a great determination I got into the specialized training as a clinical psychologist trainee, which lasted four years in the National Health System, Mental Health department, Almería.

These life experiences and the wisdom that my teachers have generously given me have had a great impact on me and have enriched and built me as the person and therapist I am today, for what I feel deeply grateful.

I believe that human beings can and must develop their potential, and my aim as a therapist is to provide the best conditions so they evolve to their best possible version.

I have gained a solid and wide training that for it eclecticism has given me a whole vision of the subject, where the narrative and context of the person is taken into account in a whole understanding of the individual. The main techniques I use are cognitive-behavioural and integrative, as well as mentalization based psychotherapy, and third generation psychotherapy with mindfulness techniques.