What does clinical psychology means?

Clinical psychology is a postgraduate sanitary specialty of psychology that deals with mental health conditions as well as distress, suffering and psychological symptons. The main areas of intervention are prevention, evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and research of mental health disorders and psychological, emotional, relational and behaviour disorders. This especialised training last four years in Spain (three in UK) and takes places in the National Health System, resembling the specialist doctor training program. Therefore, clinical psychologist have the same professional category that a specialised doctor.

The psychoterary techniques that a clinical psychologist uses are chosen according to eficacy, eficiency and efectiveness criteria. Those that have the most empirical support for the treatment of any given mental disorder and stated as first choice in recognised clinical guidelines are considered by the clinician. Nowadays the treatment plans most effective are multicomponent and include a combination of psychotherapeutic techniques that have empirical support and the best therapeutic success rate.

Also, a good therapeutic relationship and empathy are essential for the success of a psychological treatment. The clinical psychologist adapts the treatment to the individuality of the person, taking into account the context, the demand placed and the therapeutic aims.