Which are the steps that follow a clinical psychology treatment?

Firstly the clinical psychologist does a first interview where the patient makes a demand, this is the reason why the person has decided to come to the practice. After considering the adequacy of carrying out a psychological treatment and setting the frequency, duration and price of the sessions, if both client and therapist reach an agreement and consider that they can establish a therapeutic relationship where they will collaborate towards the therapeutic aims, they will proceed to the following sessions. During the first three or four sessions, the clinician will carry out a detailed evaluation of the psychobiography of the person, using techniques such us the clinical interview, psychometric scales and questionnaires. After analyzing carefully and integrating all the information the clinician will present the hypotheses that describe the factors that act as the origin and maintain the symptoms and difficulties described by the client. Then the clinician will prepare a treatment plan adapted to the needs of the client, chosing empirically supported psychotherapy techniques that will be effective to treat the existent symptoms. Thus, both client and clinician will evaluate progressively the effectiveness of the treatment plan and will adjust it when necessary.