¿Who attends a clinical psychologist practice?

Attending a psychologist practice can sometimes appear as a weakness. However it is increasingly valued as a display of intelligence and adaptive resources to use the social network available in our community to overcome certain situation or distress and suffering by ourselves, in this case, the clinical psychologist attending our mental health issues.

Some people display adaptive difficulties overcoming new experiences or changes to their situation and need professional support and counselling. Others find themselves on such a distressing situation that requires a most intensive and specialised attention. Thus, we find a great variety and intensity of psychological symptons that could benefit from attending a clinical psychologist practice.

The most frequent disorders or symptons:

  • Depression.
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep disorder.
  • Personality disorder
  • Adaptive disorder.
  • Acute stress reaction.
  • Alimentary disorder.
  • Obsesive compulsive disorder.
  • Relationships problems.
  • Difficulties on children education and upbringing.
  • Fobias.
  • Bereavement.