Do you feel confussed and do not know which way to take? Probably you would benefit from professional psychological counselling. Someone neutral with skills and knowledge to which expose your worries will act as a support when considering possible options in the process of analysis of possible answers to your questions. Thus, psychological counselling will offer you a professional and ethic criteria from the total respect towards the individuality of the person that request this service, will help to consider alternatives options of action over situations that distress us, from calmness and serenity.

The difference with psychotherapy is that counselling focuss on the present moment and the conflict that the person brings in the here and now, often related with decision making or a relational conflict between others. On the other side, psychotherapy analyses the psychobiography of the individual from a historic perspective looking for the origin of the symptons or the disorder. These symptons or disorders would have a clinical entity to be treated with psychotherapy, when counselling has the aim to analyse and sort out a situation or conflict that, if it is true that is distressing for the person, it is not a sympton or disorder per se.