Adult psychotherapy

Adults are nowadays in a very demanding society that requires many adaptative psychological as well as planification resources, where the growing stress and competitiveness produces mental health disorders (anxiety, depression) and psychological difficulties. Moreover, on adulthood we endure inevitably vital crisis such us lost of relatives, changes of jobs or moving to other cities, divorce, problems on the relationship with our children, couple, workmates or friends between others, that can require professional help, someone who provides us with support and help us to recover the lost equilibrium and emotional wellness.

Moreover, those who have interest in personal development and wishes to evolve can also at,tend therapy with the aim of getting a better understanding of oneself and find answers. Thus, to augment self-consciousness and gives whole sense to his life, creating a narrative that brings freshness and a new flavour to his experience.

As a specialist on mental health, my aim is the psychological wellness of my clients and that they acquire the resources to manage the situations and emotions that bring them suffering and distress. The most frequent disorders and symptons I treat in my practice are anxiety and depression problems, adaptive syndromes, mourning, obsessive compulsive disorder, personality disorders, trauma victims, relationships problems, and sleep and eating problems, between others.