Online Psychotherapy

Nowadays we are evolving to new forms of digital communication where we do not need to be in the same space to have significant contact where, being different from face-to-face contact, it is also very fruitful and can help us to contact someone who is far away, help us win commuting time, or accessing a specialist who is located elsewhere. I offer test sessions so that the person can verify that they feel comfortable and that the level of communication and empathy achieved satisfies them. 

 Currently I offer three online therapy formats with which I have worked with excellent results, with high efficacy and reliability. These are sessions by videoconference, by phone call or internet call, and written sessions. The video call or telephone sessions are qualitatively very similar to face-to-face sessions, since communication is verbal in the form of dialogue, and will have a structure and development similar to in-person sessions, with the particularity that you have to  have access to the technological support. In addition, the person should have a space where he can be intimate and feel that he will not be interrupted. Apart from this, once the session has started, it normally proceeds normally and both therapist and patient can express themselves with confidence and feel satisfied with the communication.

Regarding the written sessions, the person would write during the duration of a session, expressing your concerns and thoughts in a narrative that the therapist would then answer, using the same time that a session lasts, to respond, reflect and make indications about the content you have sent. It is usually sent to the therapist by email and is answered in the same way in about 24-48 hours. Written sessions are indicated when a previous relationship already exists and the therapist and the patient have carried out face-to-face or videoconference sessions. These sessions are very enriching since the person can preserve and reread them over time.