Individual Psychotherapy

Sometimes we find ourselves involved in situations and emotions that overwhelm us. We feel unable to get out of these situations by ourselves and suffering becomes usual. It is the moment of asking for professional help. Someone that throw light over the understanding, treatment and overcoming of your difficulties. This step forward will mean a better understanding of oneself and the mecanisms that underlie certain responses, becoming therefore strenghtened.

Depending on the demand placed, the clinical psychologist analyzes which factors are influencing the onset and maintenance of the disorder or psychological symptons to treat, thus every case is different and unique. Thus, a systematic evaluation is carried through including standarized psychometric tests, clinical interviews and an analisis of the psychobiography history. After a careful analysis and integrating the clinical evaluation results, the clinician presents hypotheses of the etiology and maintenance of the psychological disorder or symptons and set the therapeutic aims, adapting them to the demand placed by the client.

My therapeutic work takes place in a collaborative space based on the establishment of an empathetic and warm relationship, where the person feel accepted and safe to unfold the richness of his/her inner world. This therapeutic allianze works as a base from where to explore alternative ways to overcome the difficulties that bring us suffering or distress. Thus, the therapist provides a suitable scenary and the necessary instruments so that the individual, as protagonist, goes forward towards the overcoming of his or her difficulties.

The main aim is to recover the lost equilibrium and emotional wellness moreover the personal development, strenghtening and adquiring personal resources that the person integrates for good.

Adult psychotherapy

Chica cruzando un puenteAdults are nowadays in a very demanding society that requires many adaptative psychological as well as planification resources, where the growing stress and competitiveness produces mental health disorders (anxiety, depression) and psychological difficulties. Moreover, on adulthood we endure inevitably vital crisis such us lost of relatives, changes of jobs or moving to other cities, divorce, problems on the relationship with our children, couple, workmates or friends between others, that can require professional help, someone who provides us with support and help us to recover the lost equilibrium and emotional wellness.

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Adolescent psychotherapy

Adolescence is considered a development stage where lots of physical, emotional and psychological changes take place which lead to adulthood. Nowadays adolescence has outstreched considerably and due to the characteristics of our society the overcoming of the identity crisis inheritent to this life stage and the adaptation to adulthood is harder than ever. Symbolizes the search for an identity and also for a place in society.

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Children psychotherapy

In recent years children behaviour problems have rised considerably. Disobedience,temper tantrums, lies or agressions that appear early on childhood and increase their frequency if we do not deal with them properly. With the onset and maintenance of these behaviour problems, the family gets involved in a constant conflict  where we often feel desauthorized and helpless. Sometimes it is enough to get some training on behavioural techniques to learn how to deal with our children. Those techniques and guidelines applied with consistency and regularity will mean an improvement of unwanted behaviours, therefore recovering a pleasant and playful family atmosphere.

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