Adolescent psychotherapy

Adolescence is considered a development stage where lots of physical, emotional and psychological changes take place which lead to adulthood. Nowadays adolescence has outstreched considerably and due to the characteristics of our society the overcoming of the identity crisis inheritent to this life stage and the adaptation to adulthood is harder than ever. Symbolizes the search for an identity and also for a place in society.

Sometimes lack of communication between the family members, the ignorance of the characteristics of adolescence as well as the difficulty on adapting to the constant changes that this stage means for all, between others, make conflicts arise within the family.

Social deseability and the desire to belong to a group makes that some adolescent are suggestible and imitate behaviours of classmates and friends. Moreover, the social and scholar environment can be a source of stress for youngsters that long to be accepted and often allow abuses from others as payment to belong to a group.

I have gained a great deal of experience working with troubled adolescents and young offenders. In my practice I treat pathologies such as substance abuse, new technologies addiction, behaviour problems, identity crisis, emotional disorders, anxiety and depresion, bullying, communication problems and low self-esteem between others.