Children psychotherapy

In recent years children behaviour problems have rised considerably. Disobedience,temper tantrums, lies or agressions that appear early on childhood and increase their frequency if we do not deal with them properly. With the onset and maintenance of these behaviour problems, the family gets involved in a constant conflict  where we often feel desauthorized and helpless. Sometimes it is enough to get some training on behavioural techniques to learn how to deal with our children. Those techniques and guidelines applied with consistency and regularity will mean an improvement of unwanted behaviours, therefore recovering a pleasant and playful family atmosphere.

Thus, the break up of couples and forming of new families suposses an adaptative process for all the family members that sometimes requires the support of a qualified professional that guides and counsells through the process on the most suitable and beneficial way for children to carry out the changes. Communication problems between parents, changes of houses and so on must be carefully taken into account so children get as less distressed as possible, and also to guarantee stability and consistent educational guidelines on both mother and father houses.

Moreover, I treat on my practice sleep and fear problems, fobias, eating problems, anxiety and depression disorders, as well as defiant atttitude. Often under a child psychological sympton there is emotional distress that needs to be uncovered and treated by a professional clinician.